Car rental conditions

General Rental Information

The renter and the driver have to be in possession of a valid driving licence.

Age Restrictions

In Croatia, the following rules apply for the minimum age and possession of a driver’s licence: 21 years old/2 years for all vehicle groups.

Conditions of Payment

ACMRENT d.o.o. accept all credit cards from internationally recognised credit cards companies – such as Diners Club, American Express, Eurocard/Mastercard, and Visa.
We do not accept prepaid cards or debit cards (Visa Electron). Refuelling Charge
Cash Payment is accepted in combination with a valid Credit Card. All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be refilled prior to return to ACMRENT d.o.o., otherwise, our current refuelling charges will apply

Other Fees and Taxes

An advance charge approval is obtained for the chosen means of payment as a security. The exact deposit is determined on collection since the amount is dependent on the vehicle (amount of the rental cost and the excess applicable). Different amounts are possible. The renter must be the owner of the indicated credit card. The authorised driver details and method of payment will be confirmed at the reservation stage and cannot be amended. The confirmed credit card should be valid and available for presentation on the collection of the vehicle. All extra costs that occur during the car rental will be charged to this credit card. By booking a prepaid rate, the credit card will be charged before the start of the rental, directly with the estimated total amount of rental. The amount that will be charged on your credit card comprises the price of the rental as well as all additional extra fees. The rental charge (plus any other charges agreed, e.g. exemptions from liability, delivery charges, airport charges etc.) plus Value Added Tax in the statutory amount applicable from time to time must, as a matter of principle, be paid in full for the agreed rental period, i.e. if the vehicle is collected late or returned early there shall be no refund.
Rental is charged in KN on the middle course of HNB.

General Insurance Conditions

A police record is obligatory for all kinds of insurance. In case the driver does not ensure police presence or a police record, the full amount for the damage and/or theft will be charged to the driver irrespective of the kind of the purchased insurance.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Collision Damage Waiver removes the drivers responsible for a part of the vehicle in case of damage.
If CDW is not accepted the customer will be held liable for the full value of the car.
If CDW is accepted, the customer is only responsible for the following amounts:

Top Cover CDW

If CDW is already included in the rates, the renter can choose Top Cover CDW to eliminate the Non-Waiverable Responsibility.

Theft Protection (TP)

Theft Protection removes the drivers responsible for a part of the vehicle in case of theft.

If TP is accepted, the customer is only responsible for the following amounts: Outside city limits EUR 23.60 plus EUR 0.60 per km will be charged.
EUR 500.- for groups MCMR, EBMR, ECMR, EDMR
EUR 700.- for groups CDMR, CLMR, IDAR, IDMR, IWMR, IVMR
EUR 900.- for groups SDMR, SDAR, FVMR, FFMR

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

By taking out personal accident insurance coverage can also be extended to cover the consequences of an accident.
By taking out PAI the limit of liability is:
EUR 16,000.- for invalidity,
EUR 8,000.- for decease,
EUR 4,000.- for medical costs.

One-Way Rentals


For One-Way-Rentals within ACMRENT d.o.o. locations in Croatia a charge of EUR 0.- up to EUR 70,00 applies.


Country – EUR
Croatia – 70,00
Montenegro – 350,00
Bosnia and Herzegovina – 350,00
Slovenia – 440,00
Austria – 525,00
Macedonia – 380,00
Hungary – 350,00
Romania – 350,00
Bulgaria – 440,00
Chech Republic – 800,00
Germany – 1000,00
Netherland1 – 300,00
Belgium1 – 300,00
Switzerland1 – 300,00
Greece – Mainland only – 800,00

Cross Border Rentals Territorial Restrictions

Cross Border Rentals are allowed to the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.
Cross Border Rentals are not permitted in the following countries: Albania, Serbian Province of Kosovo.
Written permission issued by the ACMRENT d.o.o. branch is mandatory to cross the border.

Premium Location Fee

A Premium Location Fee of 15% on the non-reduced basis rental rate (TM) occurs for rentals at airport and train stations.

Other Fees and Taxes

Lost Of Key

A Lost Of Key Fee of EUR 250 – applies.


All rates are inclusive of VAT (if VAT incurs). For corporate customers with individual agreements, alternative prices and regulations can apply.