Fleet Rental


A small car – a great solution

You are planning city sightseeing, complete some personal business, shop for groceries on the way and get to each of these places in time.

Then, you need only one – a small city car.  You will get there faster, park easier and move around the city without a hustle.


A car that connects nice and useful

Great cities and interesting destinations should be explored in details, because each place holds its special story and personal experience. This way of exploration is often based on stop-and-go principle, and for this reason, you need a vehicle saving your time, effort and money.

Economic vehicles from our fleet connect nice and useful during your visits to different destinations and ensure the unforgettable fun times.


Macura Rentacar Fleet Belgrade Srbija - AurisAchieve your ideas

When you have an idea to get on the road for a shorter trip or just visit the surroundings with your family and friends, you should choose a suitable vehicle that will fulfill the needs of all passengers. A compact vehicle should offer the practicality you are looking for. It should allow your fellow passengers feel comfortable while travelling.

Your trip plans may start now!


Surely good choice

Comfortable, practical, convenient for longer and shorter trips… If you need this type of vehicle, there can be only one answer – standard.

Wherever you planned to travel, a standard vehicle should be a great choice. It fits into many people’s demands and provides enough luggage space. This way you get a sense of security from start.


A car that provides rest all the way

Under your criteria, what should be crucial when choosing a vehicle? If the answer is comfort and space, do not have second thoughts – These cars offer exactly what you are looking for.

Feel good in vehicle of your choice, provide your passengers and yourself enough space and the atmosphere will be great, the trip will be fun and you will get to your destination before you even notice it.


More than planned

You are about to take a trip but in last moments you found out you have more luggage than previously planned and now you are afraid there will be just not enough space?

Estate vehicles are simply spacious and viable for comfort ride of your passengers and luggage, orderly arranged and safely transported.


Macura Rentacar Fleet Beograd - Opel InsigniaThe unforgettable experience from the first kilometer

Supreme, equipped premium cars from our fleet offer maximal comfort and very pleasant ride from the very first kilometer and turn it into the unforgettable experience. Afford comfort and luxury in your travel regardless of your destination and mileage.

You deserve a journey in a vehicle of supreme equipment and quality.


Macura Rentacar Fleet Macura - Renault TraficLiable, spacious and comfortable

If you plan a trip with large number of passengers or you just need more luggage space, you need a specially equipped car. Spacious passenger van will satisfy the needs of most demanding passengers. It is spacious enough to fit passengers and their entire luggage.

Do not let things get out of your control and make sure you have enough space, a comfortable and safe ride. This all is a key to a successful journey.